The idea for ABDL’sWish started out with the gradually increasing annoyance of buying things online. Here’s a few examples you might have witnessed yourself:

Even the most basic information is missing about a product, a series of obviously and badly photoshopped images of people that definitely never saw that product they are supposedly interacting with, descriptions that read like they were machine translated from Chinese to Thai to Greek to Russian and then maybe to the target language, descriptions that had some table in them except that it’s now source code in a single line, and then in every second instance of ordering, the horror, contacting support. Sometimes you have to fight your way through the web interface to find a way to contact the seller, sometimes a chat bot tries to convince you to not bother contacting them, sometimes you enter info into a contact form, only for it to show an error after sending, letting you enter everything again from scratch, and then you might actually manage to send out your complaint only to be met with a support employee with equal capabilities of the bot that tried to steer you away from contacting them in the first place. The list goes on.

So with that in mind, we thought it’s really not that hard to do it right. The idea of an ABDL shop went more or less naturally since the one writing this right now (me) is really into it and therefore has a lot of experience and willingness to be surrounded by diapers, pacifiers, baby bottles and such. There’s also only a small number of ABDL shops around anyway which might have play some part in it.

So here’s what we strive to offer you:

Our Products

The most important thing for me is to know whether a product has any kind of hidden quality issues, be it a chemical smell, poor materials, lack of trust in the safety of the product, or things like exact measurements that would have told be before buying that it wouldn’t fit me.

So here’s the first assurance on ABDL’sWish:

I will personally check every single product for quality issues before we put it on our store. We won’t sell any product where I’ve found any questionable quality issues. Any product you can find here I would or am using myself without any complaints.

And now onto the second important part:

To make sure that you’re happy with your buying decision even after receiving your order, all of our products will have plenty of images from all sides of the packaging, the product itself and in case of diapers, model photos as well.

On many shops, the products images you’re seeing aren’t real. They are showing a perfect computer generated picture of how the product could look like. We only have photos that show the real product so that you can really see what it looks like.

But some things can only be seen in motion, so we also have an unboxing & product video for every product we offer. I’ll show you what’s inside the packaging and also how the product looks from all sides and even demonstrate features if it has any. All videos are without commentary so that you can watch it without fear that anyone might hear something about diapers from the next room.

On top of that, there’s detailed measurements for all of our products where it makes sense, especially diapers, pull-ups, stuffers, pacifiers and so on.

For example, in the past I was looking at various pull-ups for teens. I could find absolutely zero information on the actual product measurements across the web. But as it turns out, all of these pull-ups fit me just fine. You can get them here.

We also have a custom size recommendations that I developed to give you am actually idea whether a particular diaper or pull-up size will fit you, instead of going by the centimeter ranges on the packaging without any explanation on what they even are.

And besides products, we can assure you that we don’t employ angry chat bots or employee pretending to be one. All of your product related emails will be answered by our ABDL expert (me) and business enquiries or things related to your order will be answer by our CEO personally.

If you want the future of (ABDL) shopping to look like our vision, we’d be really happy if you support us by buying something!

Here are some of our most popular products: