How to order on ABDL’sWish:

  1. Browse our products and pick the ones your heart desires.
  2. On each product page:
    1. If there is a size or variant selection, please choose the right one for you.
    2. Then, right next to the “Add to cart” button you can select the amount by clicking on the + and -.
    3. Then press the “Add to cart” button.
  3. After your ABDL shopping cart feels heavy enough, please click on the cart icon in the menu. There’s a number next to it and I’ve heard it’s best if it’s high!
  4. Take a look at your cart and make sure everything that you want is in there. Size/Variant selections will be shown after a dash (-).
  5. Then scroll down and click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button.
  6. Please enter your billing address/info on the left, double check it for errors, and uncheck “Ship to a different address?” if you want to receive the order at the same address. Otherwise please enter a different shipping address.
  7. Then truthfully check the checkbox next to “With your order, you agree to…” (Do NOT forget as if you do, PayPal will require you to reauthorize the payment)
  8. (You can of course take any shortcuts you like and you can also optionally create an account or login to an existing one.)
  9. And now onto the payment options:

Payment Options

Direct bank transferWith this payment option, you will get an email with our bank account info and need to send the full order amount to it. Make sure to include the Order # in the payment reference as we need to match the transfer with your order.
Unless you chose instant transfer at your bank, it’ll take the bank some time to send the money.
After we successfully received it, you will receive an Order Completion email. Otherwise, we will send you a note with the issue (such as wrong amount).
PayPal (PayPal, PayPal Pay Later, Direct Debit, giropay, Sofort/Klarna, Debit & Credit Card) With this payment option, you will see a list of buttons below. Some of the payment methods that PayPal offers are only available in some countries. Afterwards you will have received two emails: Order confirmation and Payment confirmation.
You will receive an Order Completion email once we have initiated the shipping.

Once we have the tracking info for your parcel, we will send you a note containing it via email.

If you have an account, you can go to Account>Orders>Click “View” on your desired order to see what is happening with your order right now.

You should see the status “On-Hold” if you chose Direct bank transfer and we haven’t received your payment yet, “Processing” if you chose PayPal and we received the Payment, “Completed” if we have initiated the shipping, and you should see your tracking info below “Order Updates” once it has been shipped.

If you see anything contrary to your expectations after reading this, please send us a quick note to so that we know that something went wrong.