Shipping Zones

We are based in Germany and your orders are shipped from here.

Shipping To Germany5,99€
Shipping To Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain16,99€ + 0.60€ per kg (rounded to x,99€)
Each package can hold 32kg, each additional package adds 10€
Shipping To Liechtenstein, Switzerland, United Kingdom (UK)29,99€ + 0.60€ per kg (rounded to x,99€)
Each package can hold 32kg, each additional package adds 10€

We primarily use DHL from where we get our shipping prices. You can find the weight of every product in the description, but the shipping calculator in the cart will show you the correct price if you select your country.

Realize that shipping to any country that isn’t in the EU will involve going through customs. Depending on your local laws you might need to pay taxes and maybe provide them information or something.

Discrete and neutral shipping

All orders will be delivered in a standard plain brown carton without anything on it that will give you away to curious family members, roommates or neighbors.

The shipping label doesn’t contain any reference to any of our products, but as with any shipping address, it can be looked up online, so if you have people around you that enjoy violating your privacy, make sure to receive the package yourself, perhaps even waiting outside while “going on a walk”.
You’ll receive a tracking link which should give you a very good estimate of when your package will arrive.

If things at your home are really dicey, you could also send the package to a privacy-respecting friend that receives it for you. The possibilities are endless, but most people won’t even consider wasting their time on researching what you’ve purchased online, so it’s probably needless worry.

There’s also nothing other than your purchased products in the package, so you don’t need to shred any evidence like receipts.

Although in general, it usually has no noticeable impact on your life even if your purchase of uncommon things online is noticed by someone, so maybe think about it.